Movies: Head Against the Wall (La Tete contre les murs)
Head Against the Wall (La Tete contre les murs)
La Tete Contre Les Muirs (U.S. title: The Keepers) was director Georges Franju's 2nd cinematic offering for 1958, and his first purely fictional film. Franju's prior training in documentaries helps to bring a veneer of reality to this harrowing glimpse within the walls of an insane asylum. Pierre Brasseur plays Marbeau, a traditionalist head doctor who takes on the case of young Francois (Jean-Paul Mocky). Though not really insane, Francois has been institutionalized for daring to defy his wealthy father. The story is told from Francois' point of view, as he teeters on the edge of madness during his involuntary internment. The film is essentially a plea for more sensible treatment of the mentally disturbed and the emotionally distressed, calling for much-needed widespread reforms -- something that, alas, was not readily forthcoming in the late 1950s.~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Rated No Rating .
Cast: Paul Meurisse, Pierre Brasseur, Anouk Aimée, Jean Galland, Jean-Pierre Mocky
Produced by: Jérôme Goulven
Directed by: Georges Franju
Written by: Hervé Bazin, Jean-Pierre Mocky
Running time: 1hr 35min
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