Movies: Video Games: The Movie
Video Games: The Movie
From executive producer Zach Braff comes an epic feature length documentary chronicling the meteroic rise of video games from nerd niche to multi-billion dollar industry. Featuring in-depth interviews with the godfathers who started it all, the icons of game design, and the geek gurus who are leading us into the future, VIDEO GAMES: THE MOVIE is a celebration of gaming from Atari to Xbox, and an eye-opening look at what lies ahead. Rated No Rating .
Cast: Sean Astin, Zach Braff, Nolan Bushnell, Cliff Bleszinsk, Hideo Kojima
Produced by: Zach Braff, Jeremy Snead, Cliff Bleszinski
Directed by: Jeremy Snead
Written by: Jeremy Snead
Running time: 1hr 40min
Opens: Jul 18, 2014 Limited
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