Movies: Pickpocket (Xiao Wu)
Pickpocket (Xiao Wu)
Xiao Wu's relationship with the karaoke-bar hostess Mei-Mei gets off to a rocky start, but she is soon charmed by him. He soon thinks of her as his 'steady' and buys a pager so that she can contact him. Xiao Wu buys an expensive ring for Mei-Mei but learns that she has left the karaoke bar with some clients from Taiyuan and moved out of her home. He gives the ring instead to his mother during a visit to his family in the countryside - and is angry when he realises she has sold it. Back in Fenyang, he is caught trying to steal a wallet because his pager goes off. Arrested, he becomes an object of curiosity for passers-by. Rated No Rating .
Cast: Liu Junying, Hao HongJian, Ma Jinrei, Zu BaiTao, Wang Hong Wei
Produced by: Jia ZhangKe, Li KitMing
Directed by: Jia ZhangKe
Written by: Jia ZhangKe
Running time: 1hr 53min
Opens: Feb 01, 2000 UK
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