Movies: Roger Dodger
Roger Dodger
Drama, Comedy
Roger dodger Lillian, a twenty-something call girl, living in Los Angeles, is dependent on her last client, Gene, a jaded drug-dependent millionaire. Through a twist of fate, Lillian meet a mysterious young writer, Luke, and finds herself caught in-between the possibility of love and a new sexual awakening with Luke or the twisted rituals and gritty lifestyle she is accustomed to. The ultimate struggle for freedom and a sense of identity culminates in a conflict where those you love may not be those that you can trust... Rated R for sexual content and language.
Cast: Isabella Rossellini, Jesse Eisenberg, Campbell Scott, Jennifer Beals, Elizabeth Berkley
Produced by: Anne Chaisson, Dylan Kidd, George Van Buskirk
Directed by: Dylan Kidd
Written by: Dylan Kidd
Running time: 1hr 44min
Opens: Oct 25, 2002 NY/LA
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