Movies: How Ohio Pulled It Off
How Ohio Pulled It Off
On election night 2004, across the United States and the world, citizens were glued to their televisions, waiting to discover who would win the greatest power position on the planet. The presidential decision came down to one state among 50: Ohio. What really happened in Ohio, on that fateful day in November? "How Ohio Pulled It Off" chronicles the theft of the presidency, and the public outcry that followed. Infuriated by official malfeasance and partisan indifference, citizens took swift action. Multitudes protested in the streets, the voting rights movement was revitalized, and the powers-that-be were forced to pay attention. The story continues today, casting a shadow of uncertainty on the 2008 election and beyond. Rated No Rating .
Cast: Clint Curtis, Ron Baiman, John Bonifaz, J. Kenneth Blackwell, Cliff Arnebeck
Produced by: Charla Barker
Directed by: Matthew Kraus, Charla Barker
Written by: Matthew Kraus, Charla Barker
Running time: 1hr 3min
Opens: Jan 18, 2008
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