Movies: Witless Protection
Witless Protection
During a routine day spent patrolling his small town, a small town sheriff's deputy witnesses a beautiful, high-class woman, Madeleine, being held against her will by four mysterious, black-suited men. Recognizing the opportunity to save the day, he "kidnaps" her, only to learn that Madeleine is actually a key witness in a high-stakes Chicago crime case and her captors are FBI agents assigned to protect her. Madeleine is furious. But the deputy, who rightly suspects the agents are crooked and Madeleine is in danger, forces her on a harebrained trip to Chicago to solve the case himself. Together, the hilariously mismatched duo must grapple with angry FBI agents, quack doctors and Chicago high society. Rated PG-13 for crude and sex-related humor.
Cast: Peter Stormare, Larry the Cable Guy, Yaphet Kotto, Eric Roberts, Ivana Milicevic
Produced by: Alan C. Blomquist, J.P. Williams
Directed by: Charles Robert Carner
Written by: Charles Robert Carner
Running time: 1hr 37min
Opens: Feb 22, 2008 Nationwide
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