Movies: Blind Date (2009)
Blind Date (2009)
An English-language remake of Theo Van Gogh's award winning 1996 Dutch film, "Blind Date" is the story of an estranged couple who are desperately trying to reconcile after the tragic death of their daughter. Unable to face either their grief or each other, they go a series of "blind dates," each placing personal ads in the paper and pretending to be strangers when they meet. They do this over and over again, playing a series of different roles, in an attempt to overcome the pain and rebuild their shattered relationship. Rated No Rating .
Cast: Patricia Clarkson, Stanley Tucci, Thijs Römer, Georgina Verbaan
Produced by: Gijs van de Westelaken
Directed by: Stanley Tucci
Written by: Stanley Tucci
Running time: 1hr 20min
Opens: Sep 25, 2009 NY
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