Movies: The Tibetans. A Life in Exile
The Tibetans. A Life in Exile
the film aims to illuminate the impending crisis that faces Tibetans in exile as the modern world intrudes more and more. Prominent members of the exile community give their views on the current situation. Various aspects of exile life are examined including the monasteries and nunneries. The film shows how the modern world is effecting these institutions. Secular education is looked into and the history of the Tibetan Children's Village is explained as well as how children are coping with prolonged life in exile. After leaving school young Tibetans have few opportunities. Some work in traditional crafts or in tourist related businesses and others inter-marry and move abroad. The effect of these trends on the community is explored. The leadership of the Dalai Lama is crucial to the continued survival of the culture and his important role as political and spiritual leader is clarified. His brother gives a personal view of the Dalai Lama's influence and achievements. Rated No Rating .
Produced by:
Directed by: Robb Bradstock
Written by:
Running time: min
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