Movies: Scent of Oak (Roble de olor)
Scent of Oak (Roble de olor)
German merchant and gentleman farmer Cornelio Souchay views himself as a progressive businessman, and socializes with like-minded fellows in cafes and boites in western Cuba in the 1800's. He meets confident, regal-looking Ursula Lambert, a former slave who has become a businesswoman, and quickly falls in love with her. Rated No Rating .
Cast: Lia Chapman, Jorge Perugorría, Rubén Breñas, Raquel Rubí, Raúl Martín
Produced by:
Directed by: Rigoberto López Prego, Rigoberto López Prego
Written by: Rigoberto López Prego, Eugenio Hernández, Rigoberto López Prego, Eugenio Hernández
Running time: 2hr 7min
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