Movies: Approaching Midnight
Approaching Midnight
Drama, Romance
For Love of Country: Approaching Midnight' is a gripping military themed action drama that follows a young Army staff sergeant, Wesley Kent, as he returns to his small town America home from war abroad. Kent must cope withburying the body of his best friend who passed away under his command and also solve the mystery behind thetragic accident that took the life of his girlfriend in a car accident while he was abroad. Kent must now stop at nothing to complete one final mission and topple a tower of deception and corruption. Rated PG for thematic elements, language and a brief nude image.
Cast: Jana Kramer, Brandon T. Jackson, Sam Logan Khaleghi, Mia Serafino
Produced by: Sam Logan Khaleghi
Directed by: Sam Logan Khaleghi
Written by: Sam Logan Khaleghi
Running time: 1hr 26min
Opens: Aug 30, 2013 Limited
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