Movies: The Lifeguard
The Lifeguard
Drama, Comedy
On the verge of her 30th birthday, Leigh leaves her busy life and job in New York City behind for her parents suburban home. Taking her old summer job as a lifeguard, she falls into her teenage life: hanging out, partying in the woods, and coming home late, leading to a dangerous affair that threatens to tear lives apart. Rated R for strong sexuality, brief graphic nudity, drug use, language and a disturbing image - some involving teens.
Cast: Kristen Bell, Martin Starr, Mamie Gummer, Sendhil Ramamurthy, John Finn
Produced by:
Directed by: Liz W. Garcia
Written by: Liz W. Garcia
Running time: 1hr 34min
Opens: Aug 30, 2013 Limited
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