Movies: 3G - A Killer Connection
3G - A Killer Connection
Drama, Horror, SciFi/Fantasy
Arora and Sheena, a couple, who become victims of a series of events when Sam buys a 3G enabled second hand phone in Fiji islands while on a holiday. One night they receive a Phantom Call which changes their lives forever. They must face the unbelievable reality that the phone is somehow responsible for all that is happening to them and around them. The only way to stay alive, it seems is to unravel the mystery of the phone. But as the hours burn on, that becomes harder and harder to do. Technology is a part of our lives, what happens when technology wants to take our lives? Rated No Rating .
Cast: Neil Nitin Mukesh, Sonal Chauhan, Asheesh Kapur, Himani Chauhan
Produced by:
Directed by: Sheershak Anand, Shantanu Ray
Written by: Sheershak Anand, Shantanu Ray Chhibber
Running time: 2hr 4min
Opens: Mar 15, 2013 Limited
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