Movies: Those Three (An seh)
Those Three (An seh)
A trio of stoic friends set out to claim their collective freedom in first-time director/screenwriter Naghi Nemati's minimal debut drama. As a group of Iranian soldiers take part in training exercises against a bleak and wintry backdrop, three of the soldiers spontaneously break away without permission. Eventually, vast landscapes are swallowed up by a dense fog, and after making the acquaintance of a pregnant woman who was smuggled across the border, the three men are forced to accept the cruel hand that fate has dealt them.~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide Rated No Rating .
Cast: Esmail Movahedi, Dariush Ghazbani, Fatemeh Mir, Akbar Mansouri, Soleimani Far
Produced by: Mohammad Reza Sharafoddin
Directed by: Naghi Nemati
Written by: Naghi Nemati
Running time: 1hr 17min
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