Movies: Char-ac-ter
A raw and candid dialogue about the life and craft of acting between longtime colleagues and friends Dabney Coleman, Peter Falk, Charles Grodin, Mark Rydell, Harry Dean Stanton and Sydney Pollack. Drago Sumonja's document takes us into the hearts, minds, and living rooms of some of America's greatest storytellers. This unique and inside glimpse at this revered collective exposes as much about each individual as it does about acting. Rated No Rating .
Cast: Sydney Pollack, Dabney Coleman, Mark Rydell, Peter Falk, Charles Grodin
Produced by: Daniel Martinico, Drago Sumonja, Shawna Waldron, Slobodan Gajic, Oen Armstrong
Directed by: Drago Sumonja
Written by:
Running time: 1hr 28min
Opens: Nov 30, 2012 LA
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