Movies: Empties (Vratne lahve)
Empties (Vratne lahve)
The long-anticipated seriocomedy Empties constitutes director Jan Sverak's third installment in his trilogy on aging that commenced with The Elementary School (1991) and continued with the beloved Kolya (1996). The filmmaker's father, Zdenak Sverak, stars as Josef Tkaloun, a curmudgeonly middle-aged lit teacher who grows exhausted from instructing his demanding, occasionally obnoxious students, and opts to take a hike - into an early retirement. Though his wife, Eliska (Daniela Kolarova) (to whom he has repeatedly been unfaithful) continues to tolerate his insensitivity, Josef quickly recognizes his own need for a daily grind, and thus heads into a series of random occupations, including bike messenger and bottle retriever in a grocery store. The latter proves particularly colorful, introducing Josef to a host of eccentric and occasionally funny co-workers. Meanwhile, Josef makes feeble attempts to set his hyper-devout daughter (Tatiana Vilhelmova) up with a crass former coworker (Jiri Machacek), and lapses into lusty fantasies about the headmistress of his former school (Nela Boudova) - endangering his marriage in the process. At the time of its release, this film reportedly netted a greater profit than any movie in Czech history.~ Nathan Southern, All Movie Guide Rated No Rating .
Cast: Tatiana Vilhelmová, Jirí Machácek, Zdenek Sverák, Alena Vránová, Daniela Kolárová, Daniela Kolárová, Zdenek Sverák, Jirí Machácek, Tatiana Vilhelmová, Alena Vránová
Produced by: Eric Abraham
Directed by: Jan Sverák, Jan Sverák
Written by: Zdenek Sverák
Running time: 1hr 40min
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