Movies: Go Grandriders
Go Grandriders
2 have gone through cancers, 4 need hearing aids, 5 suffer from high blood pressure and 8 have coronary diseases. And every one of them has symptoms of joint degeneration. However, at the age of 80 plus, they dare to ride on scooters and to feel the land they have lived for life-long again.

The challenges officially begin when they decide to straddle on their scooters: Objections from family members, taking driver's license at old age, aging bodies and bodily functions and every possible weather and road conditions along that 1178-kilometer long journey. One day prior to start, the crew leader suffers from ulcer and dropping red blood cell count, how will he lead these Grandriders to the destination they have aspired? Rated No Rating .

Cast: De-yu Tan, Qing-tong He, Jian-hua Kang, Zhong-tian, Qing-yan Lai
Produced by: Wang Nai-hung, Chen Ruby, Chang Chao-wei, Hua Tien-hau, Lin Yi-ying, Xenia Chang, Ben Tsiang
Directed by: Tien-hao Hua, Hua Tien-hao
Written by:
Running time: 1hr 15min
Opens: Oct 25, 2013 NY
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