Movies: Winterland
This Argentine-French allegorical drama, in Spanish dialogue, is divided into six titled sections (such as Tea for Two). The thin plotline follows alcoholic thief Valdivia (Ricardo Bartis) who sleeps with swimming instructor Marina (Susanna Szperling) before setting forth on the Argentine wilderness in search of a golden sheep. With a blow-up from 16mm, this film was shown at the 1998 Berlin Film Festival.~ Bhob Stewart, All Movie Guide Rated No Rating .
Cast: Gabriel Correa, Susana Szperling, Ricardo Bartis, Miguel Guerberof
Produced by: Gregorio Cramer
Directed by: Gregorio Cramer
Written by: Gregorio Cramer, Mathias Oks
Running time: 1hr 24min
Opens: Jan 01, 1997
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