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After 4-year battle, Hilton Head Chamber and critic take their fight to the SC Supreme Court

The S.C. Supreme Court will finally hear arguments Thursday in a suit involving the Hilton Head-Bluffton Chamber of Commerce and one of the organization’s staunchest critics. Local businessman Skip Hoagland sued the chamber in early 2013 demanding that the chamber comply with the state’s open records law and release more documentation abouthow it spends its money. A lower court sided with Hoagland and the chamber appealed.


Farewell to the Hilton Head buoy

The navigational buoy that washed onto South Forest Beach during Tropical Storm Irma is officially gone. Watch the video to find out how they moved the 13,000-lb. buoy on Wednesday afternoon.

Letters to the Editor

Now is time to help shape Hilton Head future

The Hilton Head Island Town Council is proud to support an upcoming series of community engagement sessions as part of the town’s long-range visioning project, “Our Future.” More than a conversation, we want to put the opportunity of defining our island’s future in the hands of the people who it affects the most: you.

Letters to the Editor

Plastic bag ban won’t help

Much of the conversation around banning or taxing plastic bags in the area has been about improving our environment. I don’t think you will find one person who will argue that we shouldn’t do all we can to keep our communities pristine. However, I’d like to set the record straight on how a plastic bag ban would affect the environment.


Cat rescued from beneath car in aftermath of California wildfires

A cat was rescued by Sonoma County Sheriff’s deputies on October 13 in a neighborhood of Santa Rosa, California, that had been badly damaged by the Tubbs Fire. This footage shows the deputies coaxing the cat out of hiding from underneath a vehicle. According to reports, the cat’s name was Milo, and its paws had been burned in the fire. Milo was reunited with its owner, Ed Ratliff, shortly after the video was posted on YouTube. Ratliff lost his home in the fire.