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Christian Navarro is 'sommelier to the stars'

LOS ANGELES - The gig: Christian Navarro, 48, is president, chief wine taster and partner of Wally's Wine and Spirits and Wally's, both in the Los Angeles area. The latter store opened last year and holds 2,500 wines, 200 cheeses, meats, caviar, chocolate and truffles.


Job profile: Animal care business manager does much more than walk dogs

MINNEAPOLIS - Jamie Lanegran grew up with animals "my entire life - dogs, cats, lizards, snakes, horses," she said. She entered college as an animal science major, took a break from school and then completed a business management degree. "The original major wouldn't have created as many opportunities as management," she said.


Your Office Coach: Put away the laptops when interviewing job candidates

Q: I am trying to decide whether I should feel offended by my last job interview. The format was a panel discussion with three interviewers, including two young men in their 20s and a woman in her 60s. The woman was friendly, attentive and interested in my answers. The guys brought laptops and typed continuously for the entire hour, occasionally looking up to interject a question.


Liz Reyer: Making connections at work

Q: I'm considered a loner at work. The problem is, I don't really want to be. I'd like to be one of the gang, but I don't know what to do to build closer relationships. It's always been kind of hard for me, but now that I'm in the workforce it's even worse. What can I do?

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