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Elected Representatives

South Carolina

Nikki Haley, Governor803.734.2100
Jim Clyburn, Congressman843.799.1100
Jim DeMint, Senator843.727.4525
Lindsey Graham, Senator803.933.0112
Tim Scott, Congressman843.852.2222
Alan Wilson, Attorney General803.734.3970
Joe Wilson, Congressman843.521.2530

Beaufort County

Ed Allen, Coroner843.255.5150
Sharon Burris, Auditor843.255.2500
Doug Henderson, Treasurer843.255.2600
Jerri Ann Roseneau, Clerk of Court843.255.5050
Duffie Stone, 14th Jud. Circ. Solicitor843.255.5880
Ken Fulp, Probate Judge843.255.5850
P.J. Tanner, Sheriff843.255.3200

Paul Sommerville, Council Chairman843.255.2197
Stewart Rodman, Vice Chairman843.255.2196
Steven Baer, County Council843.255.2195
Cynthia Bensch, Council Chairman843.255.2191
Rick Caporale, County Council843.255.2194
Gerald Dawson, County Council843.255.2192
Brian Flewelling, County Council843.255.2200
William McBride, County Council843.255.2201
Gerald Stewart, County Council843.255.2198
Laura Von Harten, County Council843.255.2199

Beaufort County Board of Education

Earl Campbell, District 1843.476.7512
Bill Evans, District 2843.694.3396
Michael Rivers, District 3843.263.8467
Jim Beckert, District 4843.525.6513
Geri Kinton, District 5843.846.2366
Paul Roth, District 6843.422.3528
Evva Anderson, District 7843.683.0680
Mary Cordray, District 8803.312.1196
Laura Bush, District 9843.757.2638
Mike Sanz, District 10843.422.9793
JoAnn Orischak, District 11843.338.1737

City of Beaufort

Billy Keyserling, Mayor843.521.2600
Donnie Ann Beer, City Council843.379.6099
Mike McFee, City Council843.522.1528
George O'Kelley, Jr., City Council843.522.2043
Mike Sutton, City Council843.252.5687

Town of Bluffton

Lisa Sulka, Mayor843.540.1579
Oliver Brown, Town Council843.757.3690
Karen Lavery, Town Council843.384.1442
Ted Huffman, Town Council843.247.8337
Mike Raymond, Town Council843.540.9471

Town of Hilton Head

Drew Laughlin, Mayor843.689.5700
Wm. Lee Edwards, Town Council843.686.9020
Marc Grant, Town Council843.681.8182
William D. Harkins, Mayor Pro Tempore843.263.3261
Kim Likins, Town Council843.785.4909
John J. McCann, Town Council843.342.6408
Steve Riley, Town Manager843.341.4705

Town of Port Royal

Samuel Murray, Mayor843.524.4890
Vernon DeLoach, Town Council843.524.4655
Mary Beth Grey-Heyward, Town Council843.524.4561
Thomas Klein, Town Council843.522.0068
Joe Lee, Town Council843.522.9867


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