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    Poison-proof your house and program this number

    Accidental poisoning deaths have been rising since 1992. Here's a top tip: Program this number for fast, free and expert help or information 24/7 for emergencies or questions about poison at 1-800-222-1222. This is the same number in all states. The statistics are startling: An estimated 60,000 ...


    Raising kids in the world of texting, tweeting and tagging

    Meredith Long's twin daughters were 11 years old when they started to use Snapchat, then moved on to Kik Messenger and ooVoo. When they turned 12 and got their first cellphones in December, they expanded to Instagram.


    Throw a super sleepover party

    Your pajama-clad guests will not have gotten the memo about sleeping because, yes, "slumber party" is an oxymoron. That's why we've gathered the dreamiest collection of fun and games, snacks and crafts to help you through the waking hours and make it a night to remember (in a good way).


    Author Stephanie O'Dea shows moms how to blog for bucks

    Stephanie O'Dea had the same dream that a lot of mothers who want to stay home with their children do: work from home, feeding her children lunches and greeting the school bus, while earning enough money to keep the household running smoothly.


    Movie review: 'Home' is a sweet, animated alien comedy for kids

    Parents need to know that"Home"is based onAdam Rex's children's book"The True Meaning ofSmekday." This skillfully animated movie creates a believable world in which aliens known as TheBoov, running from their enemies, must find a new planet to inhabit ... so theytake over Earth. Human families get...


    7 books to read before seeing the movie

    Does someone in your home know the difference between a"Divergent"faction and a"Hunger Games"district? Did your kids watchthe "Harry Potter" moviesand discuss all the changes (for better or worse) between the books and the eight films? Does a thrilling adaptation get them excited about a book? Maybe...


    Game review: 'Mario Party 10' promotes cooperation, competition, and lots of laughter

    Parents need to know that"Mario Party 10"is a very social party game with mild cartoon violence. Characters can fall into lava, get blown backwards by bombs, bumped by slow moving bullets, and hit by hammers. They're never seriously injured, and always ready to keep going the next turn. The action...


    Family Meals Matter: Fast and fresh

    The arrival of spring means warmer temperatures (at least in theory), budding trees and the desire to get outside and emerge from the winter slumber. To help keep your family energized and in the spring spirit, we've compiled some of our favorite meals that use fresh spring ingredients that don'...


    App review: Kid in Story Book Maker, helps kids on autism spectrum build communication skills

    Parents need to know thatKid in Story Book Maker's price may be hefty compared to some storybook-creation apps, but it has special features that make it easy to create social stories for kids who need extra help with social and communication skills. Users can create stories from scratch or can add...


    Color your Easter eggs with homemade dyes made of fruits, vegetables and spices

    There are times when I wouldn't cringe if called old-fashioned (very few, I might add, but this is one of them).

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