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The cult of Kurt Russell: His director on the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' sequel says he brings cool and cachet to the project

Kurt Russell can sum up his 55-year acting career in one word: "Brandy." Not the alcoholic beverage. Russell makes his own wine. He's not going to betray his beloved Pinot with another drink. No, "Brandy," the 1972 hit song, the one with the parenthetical ("You're a Fine Girl") in the title, the song about the whiskey-and-wine-serving barmaid, a "fine girl," who makes the mistake of falling in love with a sailor whose life and lover and lady is the sea.

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Movie review: 'Sleight' fuses superhero story with a tough coming-of-age tale

By day, Bo (Jacob Latimore) is a street magician, wowing passersby with truly impressive sleight of hand for tips. By night, he slings party drugs in the clubs and on the streets of L.A. But all the time, he's the protective guardian of his sister, Tina (Storm Reid), just two orphaned siblings against the world. In "Sleight," co-writer/director J.D. Dillard and co-writer/producer Alex Theurer have created an unlikely superhero origin story, executed with the style, themes and budget of independent cinema.

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Roots cause: Kim Kardashian has sought to boost 'The Promise,' about the Armenian genocide.

Much was made of Kim Kardashian's sleek bob and curve-hugging vintage Versace dress at last week's Hollywood premiere for "The Promise." But beyond the glitz was the reason the reality star walked the red carpet, despite a case of the flu. "The Promise," a historical epic that hit theaters Friday, is the first big-budget feature film to document the atrocities of the Armenian genocide. It's a topic that hits close to home for Kardashian.


'House of Saints'

An independent film by The State photographer Gerry Melendez will be screen as part of Indie Grits. The film tells the story of a man who served three decades in prison for murder. The man was rehabilitated, left prison and pursed a career as a jazz musician in Columbia.
Gerry Melendez Gerry Melendez
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'House of Saints'

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