Our politicians love to spend

newsroom@islandpacket.comJuly 17, 2014 

Since moving to this area three years ago, the local officials never cease to amaze me.

First, I hear Beaufort County Council wants a 1 percent sales tax increase charged to county residents even though there's nothing they want to spend the money on. To them, that's no problem. They'll just put an offer of free money out to government agencies and public colleges to see if anybody comes back with proposals, wanting some of the free money.

Isn't that the ultimate in tax-and-spend politics? Tax first, and then decide why you want the tax. And some of them are Republicans no less.

And now there's the Beaufort County school board, voting to spend money to buy land and bring companies to Bluffton. And some school board members say they didn't know that wasn't allowed. Well, duh. Who doesn't know that tax money destined for the schools shouldn't be used for business development? And to think that this same school board was earlier complaining about the lack of money it had for the upcoming school year. Well, maybe if the school board spent its money on educating kids, like we citizens would expect, then the quality of education would improve too.

Jim Smith


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