What to do about border crisis

newsroom@islandpacket.comJuly 14, 2014 

Yes, we have a border crisis. As a World War II GI, then a federal employee who worked in Germany, Austria, and "inside the Beltway," with job assignments on three continents, here is my view of the border crisis. The real problem has been, and is, the lack of economic opportunity in Central America, gang violence, the drug cartels and perhaps other issues too.

Our embassies and consulates in those countries are, or should be, well aware of these long-standing issues. They are the cause of massive illegal immigration. Just making our borders more secure will probably not resolve these issues in Central America.

What should we do? Organize a coalition of Central American nations, initiate programs to induce economic development, including their own natural resources, create better educational opportunities for their children and young people, put the drug cartels out of business, and develop their infrastructure. Through a coalition of Central American countries, and Mexico, Washington can organize long-term solutions to bring Central America forward and curb the flow of illegal immigrants. That would cost American taxpayers much less over time.

Jim Clemons


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