Maffo did right by gator, residents

newsroom@islandpacket.comJuly 11, 2014 

I am absolutely incensed to hear that Joe Maffo has had his DNR contract for dealing with rogue alligators revoked because of the way he dealt with Big Al.

Big Al had lived in the lagoons on Planter's Row golf course in Port Royal Plantation for many years. He laid quietly on the bank, sunning himself or lazily swimming in the lagoons.

He never bothered anyone. In his whole 50 years, he was never a cause for complaint, as is evident by the fact that he survived for all of that time. The members and tourists enjoyed watching out for Big Al. He was a novelty and an attraction for many years.

Maffo recognized that he was not a nuisance alligator and did his job accordingly. Many of us wish Maffo had just released him back into the lagoon where he belonged. We miss seeing Big Al around.

If anyone knows who we can write to to give our support for Maffo's license reinstatement, please pass it on. He has many supporters in Port Royal Plantation.

Heather Garmston

Hilton Head Island

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