What's her secret?: 'Don't stress over the mess'

abredeson@islandpacket.comJuly 6, 2014 

The Hinchey family, from left, are Makayla, 4; Michael; Collin, 6; Erika, 1; and Jennifer.

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    The moms featured in this column are not bragging about themselves. They often have no idea they are even being selected for the weekly feature until they get a phone call. Most are recommended by readers. Please send your suggestions of Lowcountry moms to features writer Amy Bredeson at abredeson@islandpacket.com.

Name: Jennifer Hinchey

Husband: Michael

Town: Bluffton

Children: Collin, 6; Makayla, 4; Erika, 1

Occupation: Stay-at-home mom, owner of Southern Creations and marketing director at Hinchey's Chicago Bar & Grill

Favorite mommy moment: As a stay-at-home mom, I try my best to teach them as much as possible. When I actually witness my children learning new things on their own and seeing how excited they get about it, it's just an awesome feeling.

Most challenging moment: Managing time for family, school, sports and time for myself is always a challenge.

Go-to dinner: Although I love to cook and I do so most nights, I also have the luxury of putting the kids in the car and driving to our restaurant. If I don't feel like leaving the house and I really don't feel like doing a lot of prep work, I will make pancakes for dinner. The kids think breakfast for dinner is the best thing in the world.

Toy or product you can't live without: I cannot live without wipes. Having three kids, someone is always sticky, dirty, etc. I also love the Pack 'n Play. My youngest still plays in it, and its great for traveling or going to a friend's house. I put her in there with a few toys, and she's one happy baby.

Favorite kids' book: Dr. Seuss' "Green Eggs and Ham." This was the first book I ever read on my own.

Best household tip: Three simple words: Pick your battles.

Funniest thing your kids ever said: My son was getting ready to go to Chicago for a few Cubs games, and I said to him, "If you miss me, will you cry?" My son turned to me and said, "Maybe I'll cry on the inside, but no one will see me because there's no crying in baseball." My son has never seen the movie "A League of Their Own," but I'm pretty sure he heard that quote from my husband, not Tom Hanks.

I feel my best when: My children get along and play nice together. It just makes the home a happier place. I'm sure other moms can relate.

I want to pull out my hair when: We skip naptime. Sometimes life gets in the way, and naps are forgotten. But when that happens, the chaos starts. Fighting, screaming, crying and yelling.

Advice for other moms: Each household is different, so what works for us might not work for someone else. I strongly believe in this: Don't stress over the mess; it will be there tomorrow. Enjoy your children.

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