Author's Corner: A chat with Daryl Urig, author of 'Painting Knife Explained'

eshaw@islandpacket.comJune 28, 2014 

Name: Daryl Urig

Residence: Splits time between Sun City Hilton Head and Harrison, Ohio

Book: "Painting Knife Explained"

Printed by: The Paintings of Daryl Urig via Lulu self-publishing

Where to buy: or Amazon First sentence: "How I paint and instruct my students comes from the understanding I have gained through my professional occupation as a graphic designer, adjunct professor, fine art painter and author." Story behind the book: The students who attend my National Tour of Workshops kept asking for this book. So here it is. My intent in writing this book is to help students and others who enjoy painting by compiling a detailed account of my approach to painting with a knife. The benefits are explained with many step-by-step images, paintings and painting exercises, plus examples of how to hold and use the painting knife. Previous writing experience: I wrote "Plein Air Painting for Everyone", which is a book on how to start plein air painting in your own backyard. I am a contributing writer to "Leisure Painter Magazine" and also write my own blog. What is your painting philosophy? I don't believe there are steps one must follow to make a great painting, though I do set out an actionable plan in my books to help you create a great painting. Painting is from the heart, and it's your passion that radiates from the canvas that makes a piece special. What do you enjoy most about painting with a knife instead of a brush? It is like frosting a cake. If you ever have done this, you will know that if you press too hard when frosting a cake, you will get cake crumbs in your frosting. When painting with a painting knife, you will also need a light touch. When did you first learn to paint with a knife? I started painting with the painting knife when I was 16 years old. During high school, I won the Hallmark Award in a regional competition for painting. Then, I painted with a brush for a few decades until I rediscovered the significance of the painting knife. The perception is that if you are going to paint, use a brush. Favorite artists: Vincent van Gogh. I love his color, his texture in paint, his patterning and his connection with humanity. What's next? I keep a lot on my plate. I never have enough time to do all that I want to do. I am writing another book that spawned itself when I was writing "Painting Knife Explained." I love teaching, speaking engagements, demonstration talks and judging events. I'm doing a workshop in Umbria, Italy, in October that I am so looking forward to. I'll be painting Italian villages, shops and hillsides.

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