Care for horses or get replaced

newsroom@islandpacket.comJune 16, 2014 

If Sea Island Carriage Co. and Southurn Rose Buggy Tours don't start to get along better, they will be solely responsible for the elimination of carriage rides in Beaufort.

This week alone I heard a visiting family say they were going to pass on carriage rides because they were concerned about what they've heard about the welfare of the horses and the bad blood between the carriage owners. Nice going, guys. The negative rumor mill is starting up and will negatively affect the carriage businesses as well as the surrounding businesses.

No horse should ever be allowed to work if it's not 100 percent healthy, rested, well-fed and well-watered. In warmer temperatures, a cooling blanket is an easy thing to provide a horse between rides. Both companies should share the costs of a portable tent and fans to protect the animals from the heat.

There is no reason that either owner should object to spot checks by an independent vet and farrier. City Council should tell them how they must operate. If the owners won't provide shelter, water and rest for their animals and stop the squabbling,

I say find a couple of new operators who understand what a privilege it is to have the opportunity to provide carriage tours.

Larry Stocker

Callawassie Island

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