You think traffic is bad after wrecks? Just wait

newsroom@islandpacket.comJune 11, 2014 

The traffic congestion in Bluffton that occurred last Thursday as the result of the tragic accident on U.S. 278 should serve as a heads up to what would happen if the area is evacuated for an impending hurricane or other emergency.

Far too many drivers stuck in traffic were impatient and had downright surly attitudes. They made comments to our law enforcement officials and their supporting agencies who were trying to direct traffic.

Some of the comments made by residents of our community were enough to curl hair. They were infuriated because their trips to the beach, restaurants, grocery stores or other "important" local destinations were delayed and they were inconvenienced. Imagine how many will react similarly if they think their lives might be threatened and they're just not inconvenienced?

So kudos to those who stood in the hot sun and even hotter asphalt and did their duty while nobly tolerating the curses and impatient, ill-mannered comments thrown at them. Most of us appreciated their service.

And my advice to my fellow Hilton Head neighbors is to get out of town early if danger is approaching so you won't be dealing with the mayhem that could very possibly take place on U.S. 278.

Howard Pritz


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