Recreation brief, June 11: Beaufort Water Festival Fishing Tournament

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The team of Baylee Dean, Buddy Seder, Ashley Seder and Matt Guldner took top honors at the Beaufort Water Festival fishing tournament on June 7.

Dean caught the biggest spanish mackerel and biggest blue fish to lead the team. Ann Gallant caught the biggest sheepshead and biggest black drum to be named the top female angler.

Grayson Bridges and Rachael Graham were named the top youth anglers.

Beaufort Water Festival Fishing Tournament 2014


King Mackerel

No fish weighed in

Spanish Mackerel

1. Baylee Dean, 5.75 pounds

2. Buddy Seder, 5.10 pounds

3. Grayson Bridges, 3.55 pounds


1. Tyler McTeer, 41.15 pounds

2. Lee Green, 22.90

3. Mitchell Stewart, 22.40


1. Perrin Tribble, 1.45 pounds

2. Andy Murphy, 1.4 pounds

3. Sharon Rourk, 1.25 pounds


1. Ann Gallant, 4.35 pounds

2. Ryan Coyne, 3.2 pounds

3. Pam Mucha, 2.85 pounds


1. Mary Copeland, 7.1 pounds


1. Montana Housand, 4.45 pounds

2. AP Murphy, 4.3 pounds

3. Travis Plair, 3.5 pounds


1. Lucas Posey, 2.6 pounds

Black Drum

1. Ann Gallant, 8.7 pounds

2. AP Murphy, 4.05 pounds

3. Tom Dylette, 3.6 pounds

Blue Fish

1. Baylee Dean, 1.8 pounds

2. Buddy Seder, 1.55 pounds

3. Chas Graham, 1.5 pounds


Top youth boy: Grayson Bridges

Top youth girl: Racheal Graham

Top female: Ann Gallant


1. Captain Baylee Dean, Buddy Seder, Ashley Seder, Matt Guldner

2. Captain John Mucha, Pam Mucha, Robert Gallant, Ann Gallant

3. Captain AP Murphy, Andy Murphy, Russell Keys, Lenny Andrews

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