Island's art scene one reason people visit

newsroom@islandpacket.comJune 8, 2014 

As a letter writer wrote June 3, there is no doubt that Hilton Head Island's roads and infrastructure could use some attention. What he went on to say about the arts here fails to take into consideration what the arts have meant to Hilton Head historically and what they continue to provide today. That an island with a population of just 39,099 permanent residents has supported and continues to support its own symphony orchestra, choral society, Art League, theater, children's theater, Gullah Museum, Coastal Discovery Museum, and countless other purely cultural organizations is proof that there is plenty of interest in the arts. The orchestra and choral society would be thrilled to perform for their thousands of patrons in a venue intended for their purpose instead of the First Presbyterian Church, lovely as it is.

So what is the solution? Smarts and money. There are many people here on the island that could combine philanthropic resources to fix our arts center and arts venue problems. Please, if you are one of them, think about doing that.

Visitors to our island come here for the beach, golf, nature and a host of family activities. But it's tough to play golf at night, and you don't see many people at the beach at night either. The arts may not be the primary reason someone chooses to come here, but they surely enhance a visitor's experience. And for permanent residents, they are a vital component, worthy of attention.

Marilyn Lorenz

Hilton Head Island

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