Don't let the EPA cause more damage

newsroom@islandpacket.comJune 7, 2014 

The Environmental Protection Agency, founded during the Nixon administration in 1970, originally had an important mission and was instrumental in correcting obvious abuses of our environment. But in the last two or three decades, EPA leaders have been looking for things to do to justify the agency's existence at great expense to the country.

The EPA has stood in the way of the installation of nuclear power plants (very clean with very good safety record) and now they stand in the way of many efforts to increase our sources of energy. The emergence of natural gas (very clean burning) from fracking operations has left the EPA struggling for a way to cripple this source of clean energy. They don't like transporting oil in trucks or railroad tankers, yet they and the president stand in the way of the Keystone Pipeline, a very safe way to move oil long distances.

If they manage to stifle our energy production, we'll just have to be resourceful. Here in South Carolina, those who have fireplaces can burn pine cones to stay warm in winter. But what shall we do for air conditioning in summer if our nuclear power source is shut down?

With little or no evidence now of an increase in global temperatures, it is past time to reign in the EPA. I suggest that Congress cut their budget by 50 percent over a period of five years.

Jim Benford

Hilton Head Island

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