We've seen U.S. heroes; Bergdahl doesn't fit in

newsroom@islandpacket.comJune 7, 2014 

The newspaper's centerpiece story about history's heroes and Curtis Outen's D-Day experiences were compelling and should make every American proud of the service men and women who have served and those currently serving.

Outen's accounts show the bravery and dedication our troops have demonstrated on the battlefield throughout our nation's existence. Many died in intense action without wavering .

Also appearing on the front page was the latest report of the Bergdahl-Taliban swap, including evidence surfacing that cast serious doubts on Bergdahl's capture -- or his likely desertion. Also, troubling were the reports that six soldiers of Bergdahl's unit may have died in attempts to rescue him from the Taliban.

American citizens today are bewildered, perhaps outraged, by this president's release of five dangerous Taliban leaders without any reasonable explanation from the administration.

We do know that Outen and his comrades in arms did not walk away from the battlefield on D-Day 70 years ago. And our nation and world are the better for it today.

God Bless Outen, our World War II veterans and those in uniform today who perform their duty with honor and dignity. Outen and others of our diminishing World War II veterans deserve Rose Garden and White House recognition. The parents of an apparent traitor do not.

Bergdahl certainly deserves no homecoming celebration. Possibly he deserves something more like a court martial.

Joseph P. Garra


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