Despite criticism universal care works

newsroom@islandpacket.comJune 5, 2014 

I was taken aback by a recent writer's condemnation of the Affordable Care Act, especially his claims about health care in Canada and Europe.

First, I have two daughters who live with their families in Australia. I discuss health issues with them and find that their lives are happy due in great measure to the fact that they never have to be in fear of financial ruin because of a catastrophic health event. My sister still lives in England and has four sons with families there. The same freedom from worry exists, as it did with my parents.

Canadians do have problems with wait times, a situation that is being addressed. But their system is generally liked, and we do not see hordes of them coming to the U.S. to escape a nightmarish health care system.

The writer's point of view is part of the existing political culture that everything that President Obama does must immediately be attacked, regardless of whether it makes sense. Obama's baby steps toward universal health care by introducing the ACA for those who cannot afford insurance, and eliminating medical expenses that are a leading cause of bankruptcy, is a huge step toward sanity. Saudi sheiks and Russian plutocrats can come and obtain the best treatment possible, but millions of us do not have such an opportunity.

Eric Glasscott


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