Bluffton softball team not given a fair shake

newsroom@islandpacket.comJune 5, 2014 

The Bluffton High School girls' softball team worked very hard all year and earned the right to play a playoff game for the state championship on their home field. The parents and fans who supported the team all year earned the right to see them play that game on their home field. The Beaufort County School District made a decision to cede that home field advantage.

At all levels of athletic activity from professional to little league, teams with the best records are rewarded with home field advantage. No one at any level in the school district had the right to take that advantage away from those girls. This may seem trivial, but it was not trivial to those girls who worked so hard, their coaches and their fans.

Contrary to printed comments, this decision was not made in the best interests of those girls. For making and/or allowing such an unconscionable decision, Greg McCord, the district's student services officer, Mark Dievendorf, Bluffton High's principal, and Dave Adams, the district's athletics director, need to make a public apology to the girls, their coaches, their parents and their fans.

There also needs to be a statement made that this will never happen again to any team. Our school district leaders claim to teach character building. They should now demonstrate that they practice what they preach.

Tony Amadeo


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