Let's not hesitate on immigration reform

newsroom@islandpacket.comJune 3, 2014 

There are many reasons that immigration reform is good for our economy and nation. Here are 11:

Reform would help curb the deficit. Expelling immigrants is not cost-effective. Reform would help fix Social Security. Immigrants start successful businesses. Reform would save $400 billion over the next 10 years. High-tech companies say that reform would boost their bottom lines. Reform would increase the wages of native-born workers. Immigrants are entrepreneurial. Reform would boost the gross domestic product by more than $1 trillion over a 10-year period. Immigrants create jobs. Reform would bring in more money than it would cost in benefits.

National and state polling say almost 70 percent of Americans and South Carolinians support comprehensive immigration reform. Businesses, law enforcement, and many major Christian denominations support reform. It is not so-called amnesty when one must pay more than $4,000 in fines to get right with the law -- and wait 13 years to gain citizenship. What is the House of Representatives waiting for? Y tu Congressman Mark Sanford? (And you too Congressman Mark Sanford.) The time is now, this year, for comprehensive immigration reform.

Eric Esquivel and George Kanuck


Editor's note: Esquivel and Kanuck are the co-chairmen of the Lowcountry Immigration Coalition.

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