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newsroom@islandpacket.comJune 2, 2014 

A recent reader's letter promoted the idea that in today's economy, the rich get richer -- capital creates more wealth than income -- and the rest of society gets the crumbs. Massive government spending must be the only way to level the playing field. The writer did not say it, so I will complete the thought process: Take capital from the "rich" and re-distribute it to those "treading water."

I hope the reader saw the George Will column that ran on the same day as his letter. Will argues that lessening the weight of government (taxes and regulation) creates opportunity and jobs.

Good jobs provide income, some of which is surplus to be invested by the worker to create capital. With hard work, frugal living and wise investments you can become rich in this great nation. Is there anything in that simple formula that would give any of us the moral foundation to think we have the right to take a portion of another's capital?

Reduce the size and burden of government, and the good jobs will appear. Remove the many government incentives for not working, and people will fill those jobs. And, with wise personal choices, they will create capital for themselves and their families. When they do, let's see someone try to take it away.

I understand the infirm and lazy will likely never be rich. We need to take care of the former and create a new life-paradigm for the latter.

Barry Connor


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