Obama too focused on easy stuff, elections

newsroom@islandpacket.comJune 1, 2014 

It has become more evident every day that we, the people, are being governed by the most corrupt political body in history. From the president on down, there is not a single leader in the group. I'm certain that there are some individuals in both parties who went to Washington to "make a difference". Regrettably, they have been silenced or politically neutered by the incompetent masses that are facilitating the demise of a once-great country.

We learned recently that the president was "mad as hell" about the most recent debacle in the form of the VA meltdown. I firmly believe his anger was not at the criminal behavior of many VA employees but rather that this was one more scandal that reared its ugly head on his watch. The president (or anyone else in his pathetic administration) doesn't give a darn about the military personnel. Obama and people of his ilk care only about their own well-being, political future and legacy.

The president and his band of pseudo intellectuals are consumed with winning elections and little else. He hid while the embassy in Benghazi burned, and Americans died. Yet bring a championship sports team to the Rose Garden and he is front and center receiving his Obama team jersey. He has time for golf and vacations but not enough time to keep up with issues like the VA situation. It's a shame his leadership skills aren't on a par with his ability to campaign.

Kevin Baruth


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