Bluffton teacher/coach is a great man who cares

newsroom@islandpacket.comJune 1, 2014 

John Hollman is many things. I know him as my teacher, my coach and my friend.

A teacher's job doesn't begin or end in a text book. It is not contained by the time limit of a semester. A good teacher's lessons are not forgotten after a final exam. They are carried and echo in the minds of their students throughout their lives.

I have led troops during combat operations in the most unforgiving environments on this planet. My lessons in leadership did not start when I put this uniform on. My leadership foundation came from two men of a dying breed. My dad, Herb Spaulding, and Coach John Hollman.

A leader is someone who inspires subordinates to want to do what that leader knows must be done. A leader is selfless. A leader is John Hollman.

Whether in the classroom or on the wrestling mat, Hollman's instruction is something that you remember. He does not accept anything less than 100 percent. Neither does life. Life eats you alive if you allow your mind to believe, "I can't." And so will Hollman. He is a man who needs to be in the lives of today's kids. Him losing his job would be an injustice to today's youth -- our future leaders -- and an incredible discredit to the school system.

He is many things. A criminal, he is not. He is a living breathing Rocky Balboa trying his best to be a life coach for the youth of a failing society.

Matthew Spaulding

San Antonio, Texas

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