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Hilton Head Island PacketMay 30, 2014 


A new film, “Fed Up,” is  playing at the Coligny Theater on Hilton Head Island beginning May 30. This new documentary, hosted by Katie Couric, could be one of the most important films in our lifetime.
It answers the question of why our children are becoming overweight and diagnosed more often with Type 2 Diabetes than ever before. It also explores how some overweight children are actually malnourished.
We all need to see this film. Our bodies are biologically programmed to desire salt, sugar and fat. The food and soft drink companies know this. “Fed Up” explains how exercising and self-control will not get us out of this predicament. Sugar addiction is as strong as cocaine addiction.
Did you know that 80 percent of the 600,000 products on our supermarket shelves have added sugar? Why does our government subsidize high-fructose corn syrup and unhealthy school lunches? Sugar is listed on the nutrition facts food labels with 56 different names, including various malts and syrups.
The documentary caused a stir at the Sundance Film Festival this spring. This is the film the food industry doesn’t want you to see. It could be the film that changes the way you think about eating.
Right now, theater-goers can only see this movie at Coligny Theater on the island. Hopefully, more theaters in the area will begin to show this important movie soon.

Karen Heitman


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