The bizarre story of the sales tax increase

newsroom@islandpacket.comMay 30, 2014 

In January, the Beaufort County administrator, Gary Kubic, appeared before a committee and told them to find projects for spending money. He told them, "We can then ask the voters to tax themselves some more in a referendum to pay for these discovered 'needs.'"

The next thing you know the committee members were talking about not one, but two, referendums to increase the sales tax. After noise from the payers of these proposed sales tax increases, the county decided maybe only one would entice votes. Then, a committee was appointed to listen to the wild-eyed dreams of all who wanted sales tax revenue to spend on their big ideas -- needed or not.

Can you believe the committee heard requests totaling $375 million? The committee must now narrow these down and present them to County Council. Council must then decide which to put on the ballot in November so the voters can decide whether to load themselves down with a sales tax increase.

On June 10, the voters will have the opportunity to elect new members to County Council. Maybe some new ones will be independent thinkers who don't go along with the county administrator.

Paul Fuetterer


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