America should learn how to pick presidents

newsroom@islandpacket.comMay 27, 2014 

What we've learned in these many Obama scandals is that being president is about more than being cool. It's about competence. Lavish White House parties and hanging out with celebrities isn't the same thing as the effective governance that Obama promised us when he ran in 2008.

When questioned in 2008 about his lack of experience, Obama responded that his judgment would make up for any shortfall in experience. The last five years have shown us what a horrendous untruth that is. In both foreign and domestic policy we see a lack of both judgment and the competence Obama promised. We get the cool, but that's not enough to govern well.

The veterans scandal, like that surrounding the Obama Care website, illustrate how necessary it is for a president to be a hands-on manager, not an aloof figure more interested in playing politics and attending parties.

When the history of the Obama presidency is written, it will show that he broke many promises to the American people. But the worst of all is the promise that somehow he had the judgment to manage and lead. Side note: history will also show the inability of government to handle big enterprises like health care.

Will we learn from history and pick competent over cool next time? I'm not sure.

Already I hear people say it would be "cool" to elect Hillary Clinton because she's a woman. Ability and a track record of real accomplishment don't enter into it!

Michael Miller


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