'Piece of My Heart' a salute to Nam vets

newsroom@islandpacket.comMay 25, 2014 

My husband, retired U.S. Army Brig. Gen. James Shufelt, and I attended the Military Appreciation performance of "A Piece of My Heart." Jim served in Vietnam as a major. The cast was superb and Gail Westerfield brought out the best while telling the sometimes funny, sometimes heart-breaking story of a very painful time in the lives of those who served in Vietnam and their families.

For those not born at the time, the Vietnam era was unlike any other time in American history. Anti-war protests were the rule of the day and sometimes became violent; draft cards were burned; young men fled to Canada to avoid the draft; and service members in uniform were treated with disdain. Daily reports of "body counts" were broadcast by all news services and touted almost like a badge of honor. No one thanked service members for serving their country.

I recommend everyone, young or old, and current or former service members see this performance at USCB in Beaufort. It's money well-spent, an enlightening history lesson, and a marvelous way to say thank you to all who served in Vietnam.

Charlene M. Shufelt

Lady's Island

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