Study Break: 'We worked hard; we sang with people from all over the world'

abredeson@islandpacket.comMay 25, 2014 

Larry Mercer, a music teacher at Hilton Head Island High School


Name: Larry Mercer

School: Hilton Head Island High School

Subject/Grade: Grades 9-12 choral music, International Baccalaureate music, drama and International Baccalaureate theater arts

Years teaching: 25

Favorite teaching memory: I have millions of pleasant memories. Otherwise, I would have quit years ago. I think the all-time favorite would have to be standing on stage at Carnegie Hall in New York City on Easter Sunday 2011, singing with 34 of my choral students. We worked hard; we sang with people from all over the world on the world's most famous stage, and my students didn't have to wait until they were 58 years old to do it. I hope it will mean as much to the students when they get to be my age.

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