More of the same with Graham's re-election

newsroom@islandpacket.comMay 23, 2014 

Sen. Lindsey Graham boasted to the Weekly Standard in January that he knows what to say to the voters to hold his job for the next 100 years. And more recently, an Associated Press article opined that Graham is navigating to certain re-election through shrewd politics and $7 million in re-election donations.

In my opinion, Graham is clever and crafty, but he is not a critical thinker. His decisions are often fatally flawed.

When the IRS abuse was exposed, he was one of the first to declare he saw no involvement from the White House. Really?

In the area of civil liberties; he claimed to be insulted by one of his colleagues questioning whether the president has the authority to kill Americans without due process.

He supports NSA spying on American citizens with or without cause.

He insists he is an informed foreign policy specialist. However, when more than half of the Egyptian population took to the streets to plead with the military to stop the abuses of the dubiously elected Muslim Brotherhood, he declared it to be a coup -- then traveled to Cairo uninvited to demand they reinstate President Morsi.

He promises to get to the bottom of Benghazi but dismisses criticism of former Secretary Hillary Clinton.

He wants us to believe in the climate change tax scheme and that his "speechifying" will abolish Obamacare while he criticizes those who previously warned us about the law.

Are these the actions of a thoughtful, principled leader?

Bert Walker


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