Graham taking credit for what he didn't do

newsroom@islandpacket.comMay 21, 2014 

Lucky me! I got a post card in the mail from Sen. Lindsey Graham. He shared with me that he "went to work" to save thousands of jobs in South Carolina. The word, "thousands" was even underlined in red no less. He saved these thousands of jobs he said when he "forced" labor unions to back down and kept Boeing and its factories here in our beloved state.

Lindsey, I think our governor, Nikki Haley, had a lot more to do with that than you did. Secondly, it escapes me how you can take credit for keeping jobs in South Carolina when you support a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. It is currently against the law in South Carolina to hire undocumented workers, and there is an enforcement procedure and a very good verification process available to all responsible business owners. If you disagree with this law, you are free to work for passage of something else, but right here and now, it is against the law.

As you read newspaper advertisements for employment, you frequently see wording indicating that companies use E-Verify. We patronize those companies, and we also always ask when choosing where we do business. The unemployment rate for military spouses is 26 percent. For once, I agree with first lady Michelle Obama when she said at a recent Veteran's Day speech, "I think that one thing that returning veterans should not have to fight for is a job."

Judith Lawrenson

Hilton Head Island

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