Bluffton Village Festival a reminder of how much fun our town is

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Artist Joe Bowler was awarded a gold medal by the Portraits Society of America for his beautiful work, his sharing of ideas and expertise with others and his philanthropy. Pictured is "The Locket," from 1997.

PICASA — Painting by Joe Bowler


    9 or 10 slices of sturdy white bread (Pepperidge Farm is good)

    1 stick of sweet butter, melted

    Freshly grated Parmesan cheese

    Sesame seeds

    Preheat oven to 200 degrees. Cut off bread crusts and cut each piece into 5 "sticks." Dip one side of each bread stick into melted butter. Sprinkle Parmesan cheese and sesame seeds on each one. Bake for an hour or so until crispy.

The Bluffton Village Festival was a smashing success. Jeff Fulgham told me something I love. He bought a painted sanddollar in 1978 for a school chum he had a crush on. The sanddollar was painted by the lovely Mary Johnson and that year was, of course, the first for the festival. Mary Johnson is gone now, but I think about how she took a leap of faith to join us at the festival's debut. She would also love that tidbit Jeff told me about his purchase and the fact that the fun is still alive and well in old Bluffton.

  • I got some great news from two of my beautiful neighbors on Calhoun Street. Charlotte Loper, a rising senior at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, will intern this summer at the Richland County Public Defenders Office. Charlotte plans to pursue a career in law. Ona, Charlotte's younger sister and a rising sophomore at Bluffton High School, has just returned from the USA Gymnastics' Junior Olympic National Invitational Tournament. Ona has won many accolades for her skill at this sport. I am very proud of these two young ladies, and I'm sure their parents are too.

  • Joe Bowler is a wonderful artist. There are many lucky people who own a portrait or painting by this master. Joe and his wife, Marilyn, had a gallery on Lawrence Street many years ago in the historic Seabrook House. Just recently Joe was awarded a gold medal by the Portrait Society of America for his beautiful work, his sharing of ideas and expertise with others, and his philanthropy. The inscription reads: "In honorable recognition of a lifelong dedication to the pursuit of excellence in his art, as represented by his distinguished body of work which has served to foster and enhance the present state of fine art portrait and figurative works in America."

  • Joe's daughter Brynne is a talented artist herself. Her pottery can be seen at Jacob Preston's studio on Church Street. Brynne is also a mighty force at Calhoun Station, Bluffton's oldest thrift store. This year the charitable organization is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Brynne says it desperately need volunteers. Calhoun Station is open Wednesday and Saturday. If you have an hour or two to help them, call 843-757-5191.

  • Mother's Day celebrated its 100th anniversary this year. It was started by a lady named Anna Jarvis after the death of her mother. It was created to celebrate the best mother you have ever known -- yours. Mother's Day is singular, not the plural Mothers' Day for a reason. Mother's Day is the most popular day for dining out. The total spending on cards, gifts and other fun things was expected to total $19.9 billion this year. I got some fun things from my children that they purchased at the festival. I hope you did too.

  • Pierce Giltner had a birthday recently. The party was held at the Sake House. Pressly and Pearl Giltner, Dorothy, Will, Jess and Campbell Guscio, Kat and Andrew, Secrest, Isabelle and George Sutherland, Richard Trosdal, and Abel Pena all say Pierce looks younger than springtime. Pressly told me he is the perfect husband and father, and amazingly he never snores while asleep. Happy birthday, Pierce. I don't believe anything they said.

  • If allergies are bothering you, here are several natural remedies:

  • If your nose is stopped up, eat some wasabi. Try it on a sandwich of roast beef or ham. Horseradish, a cousin of wasabi, does the trick too. If you find you are sneezing quite a bit, try running or walking for 30 minutes or so. Exercise helps everything. If your eyes are itchy, put a drop of Blink Lubricating Eyedrops in each eye then apply cold compresses for 5 or 6 minutes.

    This year has seen pollen galore. There's been a yellow coating on anything that doesn't move. Ah, spring, I do love you. Really I do.

  • I had a red bucket bag my grandmother gave me for my birthday when I was in 10th grade. I loved that bag. Unfortunately, someone else did too, and one day during gym class it disappeared. The bucket bag was invented by the iconic Louis Vuitton in 1932. It was created to carry five bottles of champagne, four rightside up and one upside down. Don't you just love the French thinking? The bucket bag has come back into style with a vengeance. After seeing the price of some of them, I don't think you could afford to buy a bottle of Andre Champagne at Food Lion after paying for the bag. I miss my bucket bag and have never really gotten over its mysterious loss.


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