'Spooky Mormon Hell Dream' coming to North Charleston Coliseum

Posted by ERIN SHAW on May 19, 2014 

"The Book of Mormon" is coming to Charleston Feb 10-11, 2015.


Hide your swear jar. The Mormons are coming to Charleston. 

The North Charleston Performing Arts Center announced today that the fabulously popular “The Book of Mormon” will anchor its 2014-2015 Best of Broadway series, stopping in the Lowcountry for just two shows on Feb 10-15.

The nine-time Tony award-winning Best Musical is about two Mormon missionaries sent to a remote village in Uganda. Written by “South Park” co-creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, one should fully expect a foul-mouthed show, and one that relishes in making fun of sacred things like religion (at one point, the AIDS-ridden villagers sing “F*** you, God”).  

I was never allowed to watch “South Park” growing up, but from the snippets I’ve seen, Parker and Stone are wickedly, intelligently funny. And now I’m old enough (but maybe not rich enough) to see “Mormon.” 

According to my grandmother, a retired Arizona schoolteacher who travels to New York City once a year specifically to see Broadway plays, “Mormon” is “very very filthy.” 

See, my granny is not what you’d call prim and proper. I once saw her take a shot of Crown Royale at Christmas after a game of quarters. So that's saying something. 

You might not consider it that dirty,” she said, knowing full well that my generation grew up buying CDs with "EXPLICIT CONTENT" emblazoned on the cover in red. “But whether it's dirty or not, the performance will be great.” 

“Mormon” has gotten rave reviews, many proclaiming that you will be overwhelmingly offended and absolutely amused all at once. The New York Times called it “the best musical of this century.” 

And like my granny says, “Any Broadway play is worth seeing,” although she had one caveat: 

“Now if ‘Jersey Boys’ comes through, you go see that one, OK?” 


Find out more about the play at: http://www.bookofmormonbroadway.com/

In addition to “The Book of Mormon,” the other shows in the 2014-2015 season are  

“Sister Act” (December 2-3, 2014), “Flashdance” (January 13-14, 2015), and “Stomp” (March 24 & 25, 2015).  

Tickets for the shows are on sale now at the Coliseum Advance Ticket Window, by calling the season ticket hotline (843) 202-ARTS (2787), or by visiting www.northcharlestoncoliseumpac.com.


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