Dangerous U-turns are all over the place

newsroom@islandpacket.comMay 19, 2014 

    Is there anyone out there who can fix the mess the roads are in? Crossovers are removed so U-turns are now the norm. So much has been said about the problem with the St. Gregory the Great Catholic Church's U-turn, but there are a lot of other ones that should be addressed.

    Now the U-turn to try to get to Graves Road has been changed so we are supposed to go to the light at Berkeley Hall. Yet the U-turn for St. Gregory's is still allowed. Who makes these decisions?

    There are U-turns all over the place -- the Walgreens at Simmonsville and the Parkers off S.C. 170. I got a ticket once for making a U-turn in another state. They are notoriously dangerous. Yet someone has decided all this is OK.

    Is there not someone who oversees the screw-ups someone else has made? I would love to talk to the man responsible for this mess.

    Lillian Barnes


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