What happened to accountability?

newsroom@islandpacket.comMay 16, 2014 

A recent article in the paper made me think about accountability, and the lack thereof.

The prime minister of South Korea resigned because of his country's handling of the ferry tragedy.

A number of Japanese officers committed suicide during World War II after losing battles; Japanese soldiers felt personal guilt and shame.

Much of this can be attributed to the difference between the East's and West's sense of responsibility and accountability.

Has the president of the United States resigned because of fiscal irresponsibility? Seven trillion dollars of debt in five years.

More than 1,100 IRS employees who hadn't paid their taxes received a bonus and extra time off. Susan Rice went on five different TV programs after the Benghazi attack and told what she knew was a lie, and she got a promotion.

The national debt continues to spiral out of control. The Social Security system has paid out more in benefits than it has received in payroll taxes for the last three years with no responsible solution in the future. Ditto for Medicare and Medicaid. And yet almost all senators and members of Congress will be re-elected again in November. In 2012, 98 percent of Congress was re-elected.

Obviously, the Japanese and South Koreans have different feelings about accountability and responsibility.

Lucian M. Dawson


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